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Scanning Services of America, Inc. (SSA) provides cutting edge LiDAR technology in airborne, mobile & stationary terrestrial laser scanning and mapping on large, complex projects anywhere throughout the U.S.



Types of Services SSA Inc. provides includes the following:

  • Aerial Lidar - high and low altitude
  • Bathymetric Lidar
  • Mobile Lidar
  • Digital Orthophotography
  • Helicopter Corridor Mapping
  • Photogrammetry
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

Examples of Uses:

Survey: Scan data of your property, land or area according to your country and state regulations.

Engineering: Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Plant, Structural and many more engineering disciplines are involved in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads, railways, airports, stadiums, harbors, docks, tunnels, bridges, large buildings, airports, schools, water supplies, hydroelectric power development, sewage, etc.

Monitor: Modeling, monitoring and examination of natural and manmade phenomenon’ such as forest fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, shoreline recession, land slips and land movement including structures such as bridges, tunnels and mines.

Disaster & Emergency Management: Provide data to assist with responding to disasters such as floods,
earthquakes, fires, etc.

Archaeology & Cultural Heritage: Create a record of facilities or structures of historical or cultural significance to assist with accurate restoration.

Building & Construction: Provide accurate tools for designers, contractors and support staff for all types of vertical and horizontal projects.

Mining & Watershed Scanning: Scans support the mining and water industry by providing a means to calculate quantities and make projections.

Asset & Facilities Management: Provide accurate data for land, water, urban developments, assets on or under land in or around buildings, facilities or roads.

Agriculture: Monitor agriculture allowing owners to make projections, track growth height, location, ear recognition, pest damage, etc. 

Forensics, Public Safety, and Traffic Homicide: Lidar scanners are used widely in the forensics, public safety, homeland security, and traffic homicide investigations. These scanners can provide both public and private law enforcement and government agencies with a powerful set of tools for investigative purposes and prevention planning.

Shoreline Mapping: Using lidar scanners, measure shoreline changes along bays and oceans for use in historical records, erosion control, development tracking, etc.

Marine Mapping: Scan off-shore platforms, ship hulls, scanning entire vessels and shoreline mapping.

Aerospace: Given the accuracy requirements within the aerospace industry, achieving small measurement quality, even with large objects from the air utilizing small aircraft, rotor craft or helicopters, is extremely crucial.

Electric, Gas, Water/Sewer Line Mapping: With the vast network and infrastructure that comprise interconnected grids and power lines that generate and transport services to millions of homes and businesses, the demand for accurate data from these corridors are in great demand. These corridors are often in areas that are not easily accessible and in turn, makes it extremely difficult to survey. 

Road & Rail Corridor Mapping: Lidar scanners can map vast areas in a minimal amount of time with maximum accuracy.