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Scanning Services of America, Inc. (SSA) provides cutting edge LiDAR technology in airborne, mobile & stationary terrestrial laser scanning and mapping on large, complex projects anywhere throughout the U.S.


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Selecting the Best LiDAR Technology for Crash Scene Documentation

Jackie Vanderpol

LiDAR scanners are the number one way to accurately document crash scenes.  This technology gathers data quickly, allowing responders to clear the crash scene sooner and restore traffic flow.  With the use of LiDAR and the resulting 2-D and 3-D images, the record of a crash scene is infinitely more accurate and usable than previous, often very crude methods.

There are a handful of LiDAR manufacturers  in the world, and each offers a different degree of accuracy, speed, ease of use, etc.  Below are criteria we recommend for comparing systems.  SSA uses RIEGL.

See the attachment for a list of criteria you may use to determine the best choice for scanning technology for your needs and budget.

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